Covington County’s Demographic Profile Now Available!

26 Oct 2022


The Covington County Economic Development Commission (CCEDC) has compiled and released our county’s profile, for free, on our website! Covington County, AL, is located in south-central Alabama on the border of Florida. Our county is known for our skilled workforce, low cost of living, and excellent business resources. Site selectors and business owners can now view an in-depth online county profile for Covington County, AL, for free!

Your Online Resource for Covington County’s Profile

The Covington County Economic Development Commission (CCEDC) has put together this county profile utilizing up-to-date demographics and statistics on the local community and business culture. This profile includes specific information on Covington County’s population, housing & income rates, workforce & businesses, target industries, educational attainment, and more! Click here to view our county’s profile and learn all about Covington County, for free, today!