The Covington County, Alabama Twin Hangar Complex is Available Starting July 2025

The Covington County, Alabama Twin Hangar Complex is Available Starting July 2025 Main Photo

8 Jul 2024


SARA hangar complex

The Twin Hangar Complex at the South Alabama Regional Airport 79J (SARA), a leading aviation OEM/support facility, will be available to rent in July 2025. Both hangars are large enough to accommodate a Lockheed C-130 or Boeing 737 or smaller fixed-wing aircraft, as well as rotary-wing aircraft for MRO work, and are also suitable for OEM operations. The first phase of the 70,000 sq. ft. facility was built in 2005 and continues to attract contractors because of its size, capabilities, and location.

“It has been pristinely kept up and modernized for 2024,” says Jed Blackwell, Executive Director at the South Alabama Regional Airport (SARA). “It has a foam fire suppression system, air conditioning and heat, and it is so clean you can eat off the floors.”

The South Alabama Regional Airport (79J) is the second-largest general aviation airport in Alabama and one of the busiest airports in the state. SARA is the primary refueling station for Fort Novosel, the largest helicopter base in the United States. To keep up with this demand, SARA has more than 250 daily aircraft operations.

Learn more about the Twin Hangar Complex and why it is a good fit for your operations.  

The Twin Hangar Complex Has Ample Space for Aviation Work

One of the most notable things about the Twin Hangar Complex is its size. Each hangar is around 27,000 square feet with shop space and storage space. The facility comes with a detached administrative building to house your operations. The parking lot has 150 spaces for your staff. Both hangars are equipped with five-ton cranes to assist with heavy lifting.  

“There aren’t a lot of these facilities around,” says Rick Clifton, President and CEO of the Covington County Economic Development Commission (CCEDC). “It will be hard to find comparable options that match the size and quality of the Twin Hangar Complex.” 

SARA is Located Around Several Military Installations 

Covington County is a strategic location for organizations that support the armed forces. Several companies have used the Twin Hangar Complex to grow their military contracts. Having the Twin Hangar Complex in your portfolio can make your organization more appealing to work with.

SARA is within easy driving distance of:

  • Fort Novosel (formerly Fort Rucker) outside of Enterprise, Alabama  
  • Eglin Air Force Base in Fort Walton, Florida
  • Tyndall Air Force Base near Panama City, Florida
  • Maxwell Air Force Base near Montgomery, Alabama 
  • NAS Navy Base in Pensacola, Florida

SARA is also a valuable stopping point for Air Force and Navy refueling and training operations. Military bases from around Alabama and North Florida frequently use this general aviation airport, which sells 1.7 million gallons of fuel each year.

“We are in an area that focuses on the military heavily,” says Blackwell. “We frequently work with contractors who operate on those bases and can perform work for them.”

SARA is located within a short drive of Airbus’s Final Assembly Line in Mobile, Alabama, and provides unique opportunities for civilian aviation projects.

SARA Provides a Low Cost of Living Base for Your Operations

Alabama ranks 5th in the United States for aerospace employment, with 300 aerospace companies from 30 countries establishing operations in the state. Covington County offers significant business incentives to make moving your business here affordable and financially lucrative. 

Moving to Covington County is also financially appealing to your staff. Housing costs in Covington County are 58.7% less than the rest of the United States and 14.6% less than the rest of Alabama. If you are relocating your business to be near Tyndall or Eglin AFB or NAS Pensacola in Florida, consider moving just over the border to Alabama. Your property taxes and home insurance will be significantly lower.

Covington County boasts a high quality of life with tight-knit communities, good schools, and endless opportunities to spend time in nature.

Reach Out to Learn More About the Twin Hangar Complex

The CCEDC is happy to address any questions you have about the Twin Hangar Complex on SARA. Contact Rick Clifton at and (334) 222-7040 or (334) 488-5757 for more information or reach out to Jed Blackwell at and (334) 222-6598 to discuss the complex and the airport as a whole.