Florala Shines Through Strong Community Engagement in Covington County

Florala Shines Through Strong Community Engagement in Covington County Main Photo

6 Jun 2024


When you cross the border from Florida to Alabama, you immediately enter Covington County, and one of the first places you encounter is the City of Florala. Its name represents both states (Flor-Ala), even though the town falls entirely on the Alabama side.

“Florala has Lockhart to the west and Paxton to the south, so people refer to this area as the Tri-Cities,” says Gayle Robbins, Mayor of Florala. “We are also home to Lake Jackson, the largest natural lake in Alabama.”

Even though Lake Jackson is split down the middle between Florida and Alabama, Robbins insists that the Alabama side is a few acres larger – and a little bit prettier.

“Covington County has noticed a growing population in recent years,” says Rick Clifton, president and CEO of the Covington County Economic Development Council (CCEDC). “In particular, Florala has become a popular destination for veterans and retirees who are attracted to its beautiful neighborhoods and strong sense of community.”

Learn why so many people stay in Florala throughout their lives and why new residents continue to seek out this peaceful town. 

Florala’s Events Calendar is Full of Festivals and Celebrations

When asked what makes Florala so special, Robbins immediately highlights all of the festivals that bring together members of the community. There are several events throughout the year that pack the streets around Lake Jackson and provide activities for residents of all ages. Here are just a few: 

  • 24th of June Celebration: Florala boasts the oldest continuous Masonic celebration in the world. This year will mark 154 consecutive sessions, which are always held the first Saturday after June 24th. There are dozens of events that appeal to different interests and age groups.  
  • Cancer Freeze: If you are interested in “Freezin’ for a Reason” attend this event on the first Saturday of February. Enjoy water activities to freeze out cancer and raise funds for people who are fighting this disease. Last year, the City of Florala raised $120,000 to support local cancer patients. 
  • Military Appreciation Day: This event is held bi-annually in Florala and occurs when the 6th U.S. Army Ranger Battalion holds training events in Lake Jackson. Residents often have picnics and cookouts on the lake while they watch the military members parachute into the water.  

There’s never a bad season in Florala. You can find events, festivals, and activities throughout the year to make friends and become part of this community. 

Businesses are Filling Up Downtown Florala  

Florala has more than 200 years of history and 100 years of lumber and timber as significant economic drivers. However, the City of Florala is changing as modern business owners discover the town and fill up the storefronts around Lake Jackson.

“Businesses are coming in and revitalizing our downtown,” says Robbins. “Along with national chains expanding into the region, we are also watching entrepreneurs start their businesses in Florala.”

A few notable downtown businesses include 2 Gals and A Goat, which sells quality skincare products from goats raised by the owners, along with two local coffee shops called The Crafty Bean and the Revival Cafe. There are hair salons, dog groomers, sit-down restaurants, and various other businesses downtown that make dining and shopping an enjoyable experience.

“There’s always something new opening in Florala whenever I drive through town,” says Clifton. “We are happy to support local business owners and excited that national chains are noticing the value of expanding into Covington County.” 

Explore the City of Florala for Your Expansion Project

Florala has a positive quality of life for individuals and families who live here. Residents continue to invest in annual events and support local non-profits in the region. When a new business opens, the community rallies around the owner and employees so they have a successful launch.

“I’m thrilled about what is happening in our community,” says Robbins. “Florala residents make it the best town it can be. We are a hidden jewel in Southeast Alabama.”

Your business has a place in Florala and Covington County. The CCEDC offers significant business incentives for moving to the area and several target sites for you to develop. When you establish your operations near Florala, you will find an eager workforce and applicants who are ready to make your business thrive.