Christmas in Candyland: A Sweet Celebration for Tourism and Small Businesses

Christmas in Candyland: A Sweet Celebration for Tourism and Small Businesses Main Photo

14 Dec 2023

The holiday season has descended upon Covington County, and with it comes a magical extravaganza that's set to captivate hearts, foster imagination, and boost local tourism and small businesses. Welcome to Christmas in Candyland, a whimsical wonderland of festivities and joy nestled at the heart of Andalusia Court Square in front of the Covington County Courthouse.

As the county celebrates this delightful event, it's not just about spreading holiday cheer but also fostering economic growth and community prosperity. What makes Christmas in Candyland even more inviting is its accessibility. With no admission charge, this event beckons families, locals, and tourists to revel in the holiday spirit without financial barriers.

At the heart of this celebration lies the captivating Candyland Cottage Village, an ingenious concept explicitly designed for children. The village, adorned with child-sized play cottages themed as a bank, engineering office, airplane, church, restaurants, and more, ignites the imaginations of young ones and offers a place where their creativity knows no bounds. Families can enjoy watching their children explore, play, and learn in these imaginative spaces, fostering lasting memories and photo opportunities that capture the season's magic. Candyland Cottages are made possible by the sponsorship and coordination of local businesses.

This holiday extravaganza is more than just a village of enchanting cottages; it's a hub of activity and entertainment. From train rides on the Springfield Express to navigating the Arctic Trek Maze, encountering beloved characters from Candyland, and meeting the iconic Mickey and Minnie, the event boasts a lineup of attractions that cater to all ages.

One of the highlights is the mesmerizing Snow Show, a 30-minute spectacle that brings the wonder of snowfall to South Alabama. Authentic-looking snowflakes cascade from snow machines, creating a picturesque scene that feels like a winter wonderland. The Polar Bear Tubing Hill provides an exhilarating experience for children to race down lanes on snow tubes, adding an extra thrill to the festivities.

For those seeking a taste of winter sports, the Winter Skating Experience offers an opportunity to glide gracefully on the ice. With skates available in various sizes and limited tickets sold for each time slot, visitors can enjoy the thrill of skating in a charming holiday setting.

Of course, what's Christmas without a visit to Santa Claus himself? Weather permitting, families can delight in the tradition of meeting Santa on the steps of the Springdale Estate. This cherished moment allows for free photos, creating treasured keepsakes embodying the season's spirit.

Boosting Tourism and Small Businesses

Beyond its enchantment and joy, Christmas in Candyland is an economic catalyst for Covington County. This celebration bolsters tourism and supports local businesses by drawing visitors from near and far. Small enterprises benefit from increased foot traffic, creating opportunities for growth and prosperity within the community.

During the holiday season,  the festivities of Christmas in Candyland present a chance for Covington County to shine. Families come together to make cherished memories, while local businesses experience a boost that sustains them through the year. It's not just a celebration; it's a catalyst for unity, growth, and the spirit of giving, embodying the season's essence.

For more information and to plan your visit, explore the schedule here. Come and experience the magic of the holidays in Covington County, Alabama's very own Candyland.