Covington County, Alabama: Deploying Tools and Strategies for a Skilled Workforce

Covington County, Alabama: Deploying Tools and Strategies for a Skilled Workforce Main Photo

3 Aug 2023


In the fall of 2015, the Alabama Workforce Council embarked on a comprehensive effort to assess and optimize the Alabama workforce system. The results highlighted the potential for greater effectiveness through unified branding and collaboration among numerous workforce-development organizations. Enter AlabamaWorks, a beacon of opportunity, innovation, accountability, and inclusion, with a vision of a prosperous future for the state, emphasizing meaningful work and economic growth. Covington County, nestled within Region 6 - Southeast AlabamaWorks, is a testament to this vision, employing tools and strategies that have borne significant fruit.

A Unified Vision for Growth

Covington County, part of the Southeast AlabamaWorks region, aligns with a clear mission: to provide resources that build a highly skilled workforce and elevate community quality of life. The overarching vision aims to create a robust workforce development system that equips citizens with the skills and credentials demanded by a rapidly evolving business landscape. 

Responding to Crisis with Innovation

When the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted industries and livelihoods, the Alabama Workforce Stabilization Program (AWSP) emerged as a critical initiative. With a grant of $17,827,178.11 from the U.S. Department of Education Re-Imagine Workforce Program (RWP) via the CARES Act, AWSP aimed to reskill 7,080 displaced workers in high-demand sectors like Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, Information Technology, Transportation, Distribution/Logistics, and Construction. By partnering with employers, AWSP tackled unemployment head-on while cultivating a more versatile and adaptable workforce.

AIDT: A Pillar of Workforce Excellence

AIDT's Total Workforce Delivery System has been a cornerstone of Alabama's workforce success since 1971. By comprehensively addressing recruitment, training, leadership development, and safety assessments, AIDT tailors its approach to individual companies' unique needs. This commitment to quality has contributed substantially to Alabama's economic growth. Earnings surged from $4.6 billion in the previous fiscal year to $6.4 billion in 2022. Through its embrace of AIDT's expertise, Covington County has directly contributed to this remarkable upturn.

Empowering through Education

Lurleen B. Wallace Community College (LBWCC) shines as a beacon of education and workforce development. As a vital member of the Alabama Community College System, LBWCC's dedication to excellence in teaching and service has catalyzed growth in South Central Alabama. By offering associate degree programs, career certificates, and flexible learning options, LBWCC has empowered individuals to thrive in a dynamic job market. Their commitment to staying current ensures students receive education aligned with real-world demands.

Pioneering Dual Enrollment

The success of Alabama's dual enrollment program in the Alabama Community College System (ACCS) exemplifies the state's commitment to nurturing future talent. With over 27,000 high school students enrolled in dual enrollment classes at community colleges, Alabama has witnessed a remarkable 65 percent increase since 2015. This initiative accelerates education and lays the foundation for a seamless transition from education to employment. The unwavering support from legislators reinforces the ACCS's role as a leader in the nation's dual enrollment landscape.

A Future of Prosperity

Covington County, nestled within the Southeast AlabamaWorks region, is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and education in shaping a skilled workforce. The journey to prosperity has been paved with strategic initiatives like the AWSP, AIDT's workforce development model, and LBWCC's commitment to excellence. As AlabamaWorks! continues to foster collaboration between communities, businesses, and industries, Covington County exemplifies how aligning local efforts with a unified vision can transform challenges into opportunities. With a steadfast focus on building a versatile workforce equipped for the demands of tomorrow's economy, Covington County paints a promising picture of Alabama's future. 

CCEDC: Your First Stop for Assistance for Workforce Solutions

The Covington County Economic Development Commission is happy to connect you to the proactive, customized, and comprehensive workforce solutions available to you locally and statewide. Additionally, CCEDC manages the Covington County Business Development Center, which has available meeting spaces and offices for rent. Contact us here for more information.