How CCEDC is driving economic growth and improving quality of Life in Covington County, Alabama

How CCEDC is driving economic growth and improving quality of Life in Covington County, Alabama Main Photo

25 Apr 2023


Covington County, Alabama, is a special place for businesses looking to thrive and succeed, and the Covington County Economic Development Commission (CCEDC) is one of the reasons why. CCEDC was formed in 1992 due to a study commissioned by local leaders on what was needed to attract and retain business and industry in the county.  The initial supporters were regional banks, local entities, industries, and utility partners.  CCEDC is a one-stop resource center dedicated to creating investments, enhancing job growth, and improving the quality of life in the area. Our mission is to help local businesses, new businesses, and entrepreneurs succeed by connecting them with their needed resources.

CCEDC’s priority: To attract and retain businesses in the area

One of the unique aspects of CCEDC Is our commitment to diversification. While we reach out to our Target Industries, we recognize that economic strength relies heavily on having a variety of industries, and we prioritize attracting and retaining different types of businesses. This focus on diversification ensures that Covington County’s economy remains resilient and can withstand any economic challenges.

CCEDC is also known for its speed-to-market. We understand that time is of the essence, and when it comes to business, we work quickly to meet the needs of companies looking to locate or expand in the area. Covington County communities are well organized for economic development and can work quickly to meet business needs:  Permits are available in just 2 to 3 working days, and customized incentives are available for qualified projects. This  streamlined approach to economic development is just one of the many reasons why Covington County is a great place to do business.

CCEDC supports a cost-effective government with localized incentives

Covington County, Alabama, is an exceptional place to locate and grow your business because our cost-effective government offers high-quality services while maintaining some of the lowest property taxes in the US. We are primed to move quickly for your success. Federal, state, and local customized incentives are available for qualified projects. Workforce training is a priority, with progressive programs available through several schools and agencies.

Supporting local entrepreneurship: The Covington County Business Development Center

CCEDC manages a business incubator in the Covington County Business Development Center, another way local entrepreneurs are supported. The Center provides low-cost temporary office space equipment and facilities,  making it easier for businesses to get off the ground. In addition to the incubator, CCEDC assists business startups with everything from helping develop business plans to hiring and training employees through AIDT, Alabama's award-winning, no-cost Workforce Development organization. CCEDC’s commitment to realizing workforce solutions is a significant reason why businesses choose to locate and grow in Covington County. We understand that a skilled and trained workforce is essential for business success. We provide resources and connections to local training programs, colleges, and other coalitions dedicated to helping businesses thrive. 

Additionally, Covington County harnesses the collective power of our region through Grow Southeast Alabama, a consortium of 11 counties actively working together to grow southeast Alabama.

Overall, CCEDC is a vital resource for businesses in Covington County. Our commitment to diversification, speed to market, and unique workforce solutions sets us apart. It makes us a valuable partner for any company looking to succeed. 

With CCEDC by your side, it is genuinely possible to thrive in Covington County. Click here to learn more about CCEDC and how we are helping businesses and the local community to thrive and succeed in Covington County, Alabama!