We Have Housing! People Enjoy Living in Covington County.

28 Dec 2022


Residents living in Covington County, AL, benefit from a lower cost of living and very affordable housing costs! Located in beautiful and charming southern Alabama, Covington County, is located right on the Florida border. This makes it an amazing place to live for people who like being in close proximity to the beaches and entertainment of Florida, without having to pay high housing costs and taxes.

Covington County Residents Enjoy Lower Cost of Living

Housing costs in Covington County are 58.7% less expensive compared to the national average, and 14.6% less expensive than housing costs in the rest of Alabama. Property taxes in our county are also among the lowest in Alabama and the nation! Residents have many economical housing options including apartments, houses, adult community housing, historic homes, and shovel-ready land. Click here to learn more about Covington County’s low-cost and high quality housing options!